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Safety Tips - Flood Water After a Disaster or Emergency

With recent flooding here in the state of Michigan, please take extra caution to protect your family and loved ones.  There are several risks with flood & standing water. 

  • Keep children and pets out of the affected area until cleanup has been completed.
  • Wear personal protective equipment, including rubber boots, rubber gloves, and goggles during cleanup of affected area.
  • While cleaning up areas with mold damage, wear a NIOSH-approved N-95 respirator, or one that provides even more protection.
  • Wash all clothes worn during the cleanup in hot water and detergent. These clothes should be washed separately from uncontaminated clothes and linens.
  • Have your onsite waste-water system professionally inspected and serviced if you suspect damage.

Safety tips courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for a complete list

Walt Grech