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Prepare for Severe Weather: 2017 Severe Weather Preparedness Guide

Last year was Michigan’s 18th warmest summer on record. Given the warm and humid conditions experienced through most of the summer of 2016, it is somewhat surprising that the state had a below average year for severe weather, including lightning, severe thunderstorm wind, hail, and flooding. The one exception was across the Upper Peninsula, where severe weather was about average for the region. Michigan recorded 16 tornadoes which is just one above the long term average for the state.
Severe weather was responsible for two deaths, both due to lightning in northern Lower Michigan. Both lightning deaths were people outdoors doing typical summertime activities in Michigan: hiking and at a beach. Michigan has been blessed with many natural wonders that we all can enjoy during the warm summer months. But Michigan also experiences between 25 to 40 days of thunderstorm activity depending on your location. All Michigan residents and visitors must heed the warning signs of an approaching thunderstorm. When thunder roars, go indoors! Flooding, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes in 2016 caused about $160 million in damages.

Walt Grech