News Release

Dogs attacking/killing Livestock 2967-17

Nature of Incident:  Damage To Livestock by Dogs, Dog at Large

Incident #:  #2967-17

Date & Time:  5/28/2017 at 830am

Location:  48000 Block of M-43 Hwy, Bangor 49013, Van Buren County

Suspects:  Unknown Owners, 2 Mix Breed Dogs (medium black and brown colored dog and large breed black colored dog)

Injured Livestock:  13 Sheep (4 deceased) and 1 Goat.  All of the injured animals had large lacerations and multiple bite marks from the attack. 

Charges: Damage to Livestock, Dog at Large, Trespass


Sheriff Daniel E. Abbott reports that on today’s date Deputies were dispatched to the 48000 Block of M-43 Highway in Bangor for several dogs attacking livestock. The homeowner noticed the attack and ran to the enclosure and fired several warning shots at the attacking dogs which did not deter the dogs.  After this the owner immediately called 911.  The dogs then entered a barn in the same enclosure and continued to attack the livestock.  The owner did not enter the barn for fear of the dogs attacking him or his wife.  Deputies arrived and found multiple sheep and goats in the enclosure had been attacked and were either dead or injured.  After entering the enclosure, the larger of the two dogs exited the barn and continued to run around the enclosure chasing the sheep.  Deputies attempted to get the dog way from the already injured animals when the dog turned toward Deputies barking and moving toward them aggressively.  A Deputy with armed with a rifle dispatched the dog as it was being aggressive toward Deputies.  The other dog was located in the barn and found to be uninjured.  The 2nd dog was transported to the Van Buren County Animal Control Shelter for quarantine.  The deceased dog was also taken to the shelter for further follow-up regarding possible diseases.  The victims and livestock owners advised that a total of 21 sheep and goats were on the farm and that 14 of them were injured, 2 of the 14 were killed in the attack and 2 other had to be euthanized because of the severe injuries sustained.  The owners were attempting to separate and treat the injured animals but further follow up conducted found that many of the injured animals may succumb to their injuries in the coming days.  The owners of the two dogs have yet to be located and anyone with information is asked to call the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office.   

Investigating Deputies: 

Sgt. Greg Pentland, Deputy Mark Hamre, Deputy Ryan McFanin, Deputy Randy Whitmore.

Van Buren County Animal Control

Supervisor Contact: 

The on duty sergeant can be reached at 269-657-3101 or Operations Lieutenant Jim Charon can be reached at 269-657-2006/e-mail:

Jim Charon