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August 21st, 2019 LEPC Meeting Agenda


Call to Order:

8:33 am by Bob Kirk


Introductions were made around the table. 13 people were in attendance including Heather Barr, Mike Chappell, Kilby Brandt, Pete Lumbert, Richard Godfrey, April Serne, Jennifer Zordan, Craig Massey, Kyle Mead, Christopher Smith, Rick Winters, Dennis Reynolds, and Bob Kirk.

Review of Last Meeting Minutes:

Dennis Reynolds motioned to accept, and Jenny seconded. All were in favor.

Old Business:

·       Kyle Mead Updates

o   Kyle was here to update 😊 Water nitrate screening was a success. Everything seems to be going very well in all areas.


·       Co-chair Position Vacancy

o   Holding off until September and the approval from the Commissioners on Assistant Director position.


New Business:

·       We will know August 27th on Asst. Director Position. That will be the final vote by the board for Todd Skinner to take the position.

·       Once approved will slowly start on LEPC Plan updates.

·       IDSi Tier II Reporting – New Quote

o   New quote is $950 which is lower than before

o   Bob needs the 10 roles on this defined

o   Allows access on a computer instead of on a file

·       Fiscal year is October to October.

o   Annual grant was approved and will get at the start of the fiscal year


Round Table:

·       Rick Winters

o   He and the Smith brothers attended an Explosives / IED training held by the FBI in Fort Custer

§  Takeaway – How easy and assessible materials to make a bomb are

·       Kyle Mead

o   Brookside Farm is still operational with the same contacts

o   Grain bins update

§  Found equipment that will work for $20,000 total for two trailers

§  Will be working on training volunteers and getting everything wrapped up hopefully in the fall

§  Will use this team like a Dive Team callout when there is an emergency involving someone needing rescued from a grain bin

§  3 different specialized rescue techniques

·       Jenny Zordan

o   Public Meeting PFA’s is tonight 6-8pm at the Hartford High School Auditorium


LEPC Call to Close:

Mike motioned for CTC and was supported by Jenny. All were in favor. Bob Kirk called the meeting to close at 8:51 am.


Next Meeting Scheduled:

September 18th at 8:30am. Will need to find another location for the October training.

Walt Grech