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 Call to Order:

8:30 am


Introductions were made around the table. 15 people were in attendance (2 more joined toward the end).

Review of Last Meeting Minutes:

Wayne Polomcak motioned to accept, and Mike seconded. All were in favor.

Old Business:

·       Kyle Mead Updates

o   Bob was not able to talk to him, so there are no updates


·       Cameo Suites

o   Program used for LEPC plans

o   Cameo Suites- Using this program to develop plume models and sites within the plume of concern for LEPC plans. Working on understanding and hope to attend a class soon.


·       No updates on plans

o   Wayne called to confirm and sent out to the state

o   $1800 from grant (used as a reimbursement)


New Business:

·       Oil Tanker Spill- I-94/ 64mm E/B

o   May 2

o   Oil spilled; injured driver

o   Motor carriers took care of the call and citations

o   Lost about 15,000 gallons of oil

o   No placard was on the truck


·       Ammonium Sulfate Spill- CR380, Breedsville

o   4.5 tons of fertilizer were released and cleaned up; everyone was contacted


·       Albemarle

o   Mike Holmes was not here, but he is back and will attend

o   Chemical benzo chloride on site and under the threshold


·       America’s Water Infrastructure Act

o   EPA changed the Emergency Planning Right to Know to include when there is a spill

§  Let EPA know but keep in mind the water systems and the concern for drinking water and the risk to public health

§  Make sure all are notified

o   It’s Wayne’s project (before he leaves) to get ahold of all municipalities and find out the Public Works directors and contact information. Also, what resources they have available.

o   Jenny Z reminded Bob that Dave emailed him last week about the DEQ contact

§  Sites are being monitored and evaluated

§  Maybe put a link on SharePoint?

§  They are expanding the testing region


·       Co-chair position vacancy

o   Wayne retires July 29, 2019, so there will be a co-chair vacancy

o   Sheriff is asking to retain the 24-hour planner position through Homeland Security Regional Board. If not approved, the goal is to possibly make this a 40-hour position that works in ODP division.


·       Update on Hartford Site

o   Waiting on the 2nd round – Results should be in 2nd week in July. There is now a local place in Grand Rapids for testing

o   1st Round: Any house or well with any detection gets a filter installed at no cost

§  Did expand area looking at north and east (north to 554th)

§  Filters are good for 6 months for an average family of 4

o   Maps were presented at the Board of Health meeting

§  59 houses were tested with only 11 showing no detection at all

§  Suggest having a spreadsheet showing the tracking system of houses, filters given, when installed


Round Table:

No round table for LEPC.

LEPC Call to Close:

Dennis Reynolds motioned for CTC and was supported by Pete. All were in favor. Bob Kirk called the meeting to close at 9:00 am.

Next Meeting Scheduled:

July 17th at 8:30am

Walt Grech