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LEPC Call to Order:

8:37 AM



Introductions were made around the table.


Review of Last Minutes:

Wayne Polomcak motioned to accept, Jennifer Zordan seconded; all were in favor.


Old Business:

Sara Title II Manager: $1500 per month for 5 licenses. HMEP Grant would help some with funding. Bob Kirk is not sold on this and there is a hard push for it from the State. Waiting for a list for pricing on additional licenses and should have an update by next meeting.

Kyle Mead Updates: Kyle was not present to give the update.

Sara Title III Calls / Verification: Wayne has been doing this and is waiting for the 3rd to respond.


New Business:

Sara Title II Reports - Documented: All have been received and need to be entered in the system.

Sara Title III Plans Still in Progress: These will continue to change and be updated.


Round Table:

No round table for LEPC.


LEPC Call to Close:

Wayne Polomcak motioned for CTC and was supported by Mike ____; all were in favor. Bob Kirk called the meeting to close at 8:43 AM.


Next Meeting Scheduled:

April 17, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Walt Grech