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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC August 15, 2018, Minutes


CALL TO ORDER: 8:33 a.m. by Wayne Polomcak. 

INTRODUCTIONS: Introductions were made around the table; see sign in sheet. 

REVIEW OF LAST MEETINGS’ MINUTES: Minutes were reviewed by all in attendance; motion to accept minutes was made by Gary Brown and seconded by Richard Freestone. 


• KYLE MEAD-FARM SARAH TITLE III SITES (STATUS): Kyle was not in attendance to give an update. 

• BUSINESS SARAH TITLE III PLAN UPDATES: Bob and Wayne have taken a couple of the businesses and have been converting them from the paper to electronic forms. This process is slow-going as there is a lot that goes into converting these to the electronic forms. 



• PFAS TESTING AND INFORMATION: Jennifer Zordan advises that DEQ is testing approximately 36 sites in our county and if there are high levels of PFAS detected we have a strong plan prepared and have taken notes, learning what has worked and has not from the Parchment PFAS event. 

• ALMENA TOWNSHIP WATER TESTING: Oshtemo Landfill contaminated water aquafer is crossing in Almena Township. DEQ and KLA Group are monitoring, however is supposed to be dissipating. 

• PALISADES UPDATE: They have been sold to a decommissioning company and will be closing in 2020. Our last true exercise will most likely be in 2019 afterwards they will be much smaller scale and decrease in size steadily following closure. In 2022, when they are gone, approximately 10% of our tax base will be gone along with Palisades. 



Wayne - Once Palisades closes, MPI (who has been bought out by James Rivers) will become our #1 Critical Infrastructure. MPI is our largest employer in Van Buren County and currently has 1500+ employees and is looking to expand. 

Bob and Wayne will also be gone next week. On call for the EOC will be Scott Corbin: Allegan County and Dave Smith: Cass County. 

John of the Red Cross - The Red Cross has been busy since our last meeting responding to 4 home fires in Van Buren County, 1 in Allegan County, provided canteen services for the regional dive, volunteers in the shelter assisting Berrien County, volunteers in the shelter in Battle Creek assisting with the apartment fire, and have been in Kalamazoo helping with the PFAS emergency for nearly 3 weeks. They will also be sending a nurse and possibly additional volunteers to California shortly. 

CALL TO CLOSE: Richard Freestone motioned to close the LEPC meeting; seconded by Jennifer Zordan. Meeting adjourned at 9:12 a.m. 

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. 

Walt Grech