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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC February 21, 2018, Minutes

Call to Order:
Wayne Polomcak called the LEPC Meeting to order at 8:36 a.m.


Review of Last Meeting Minutes:
The group acknowledged they had reviewed the minutes. Dick Godfrey moved to approve the minutes from December 2017 and this was seconded by Sally Kemph. All were in favor.

Old Business:
•    Palisades Plant:
o    Status: The plant is staying open until 2022.
o    Upcoming Drill (RRR): Not sure yet on who will be involved with the RRR but there will be a table top to discuss at Covert Fire Department with Allegan and Berrien Counties.

•    Contract for Kyle Mead - Farm Sarah Title III Sites: Kyle was not in attendance for updates. 302 sites have not been done yet.

New Business:
•    Upcoming Classes NIMS ICS 300 and 400: April 7th and 8th 300/400 21st and 22nd. Trent DeGroff 16 hours total.

•    Tier II Reports are Coming in: Have to be in by March 15th.

•    I-94 Crash December 31, 2017: NYE call out Red Cross. Got busses from Gary Brown and Lt. Charon used the van to bus some. Need to stay south as the emergency exit route to Red Arrow Highway.
Round Table:
Jen Zordan: Presenting in April in Atlanta on Ingestion Pathway.

Call to Close:
Gary Brown motioned to close the LEPC Meeting at 8:51 a.m. and this was seconded by Jennifer Zordan.

Next Meeting:
Scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

Walt Grech