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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC September 19, 2018, Minutes

Van Buren County Office of Domestic Preparedness
Division of Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office
205 South Kalamazoo Street, Paw Paw, Michigan 49079  |  Telephone: 269-657-7786, Fax: 269-657-7787

Local Emergency Planning Committee
September 19th, 2018

CALL TO ORDER: Lt. Kirk called the meeting to order at 8:35AM


INTRODUCTIONS:  No introductions


REVIEW OF LAST MEETING’S MINUTES: The group acknowledged they had reviewed the minutes. Dick Godfrey moved to approve the minutes from August 2018 and this was seconded by Dick Freestone. All were in favor.




·      KYLE MEAD – FARM SARA TITLE III SITES: Kyle worked on 3 farms plans during this period. All was turned over to Lt. Kirk to finalize and finish up. Time sheet will be submitted top payment of services per contract.




·      PFAS TESTING & INFORMATION: VBC Still scheduled to complete testing next week and 69% have been completed. – State to notify health department/ municipality/ emergency managers by mail with results. They are posting results on line. Taking 4 weeks to get results. Lt. Kirk and Jenny Zordan from Health Department have been discussing plans if an issue arises. Filters were discussed for PFAS and are posted on the State site. Fire Department survey of the fire fighting foam was conducted by the State and we have a few departments that need to respond yet.




·      HMEP SUPPORT GRAND NOTIFICATION:  A plan submission was noted reference Kyle Mead.


·      CONTRACT RENEWAL W/KYLE MEAD:  Wayne Polomcak motioned to accept Kyle Mead reference the contract renewal, seconded by Jennifer Zordan. All in Favor.


·      LEPC HANDBOOK:  A link was provided reference the LEPC handbook to include updates.



·      Christopher Smith spoke in regard to Active Shooter training to take place at WMU, as well as upcoming CISM training approaching in Fowlerville in October.  Smith noted questions reference the CISM team.



·      Pete Lumbert spoke on behalf of the Red Cross; it was noted that Bob & John will take his place if deployed to the Carolina’s.


·      Jennifer Zordan provided information reference the upcoming flu season, to include vaccine information, specifically single dose and other options available.


·      Craig Massey briefed on Red Cross and shelter information and made note of the Van Buren County team.  He also questioned how to find information reference a grant received; Wayne Polomcak noted he should speak with the same person that he spoke with reference the grant for further.


CALL TO CLOSE:  Kyle Mead made motion to close the LEPC meeting, seconded by Wayne Polomcak.  Meeting adjourned at 9:06AM.


NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 @ 9:00AM.


Walt Grech