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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC August 16, 2017 Minutes

Call to Order:

Bob Kirk called the LEPC Meeting to order at 8:31 a.m.


Introductions were made around the table to meet new attendee – April Serne; see sign in sheet for additional attendance.

Review of Last Meeting Minutes:

The group acknowledged they had reviewed the minutes. Mike Anchor motioned the minutes from July 21, 2017 be accepted and this was seconded by Dick Godfrey. All were in favor.

Old Business:

  • Crop Production Services Meeting (Sarah Title 3): Original meeting reschedule to September due to being tied up with Palisades. We will be going over their site plan and security.
  • Contract for Kyle Mead – Farm Sarah Title Title 3 Sites: This is looking good. The contract has been reviewed with Dick and the County Administrator and will go in front of the board on August 22nd.
  • Updating LEPC Plans Continues: The Intern has spent several days updating plans into the new form and now Bob plans to do one or two a week, making contact with the companies, and updating contact information, pictures, etc.

New Business:

  • BASF: Reached out to us last week. They are a chemical company located at the main 4 in Mattawan. They recently found out they have aluminum paste (powder) that is a product high on the list for terrorist needs / activity and they will need to have a MOU similar to Palisades if there was a terrorist event. We will be doing a hazmat table top with them along with Mattawan PD and Fire.
  • New Temp Contact for State LEPC Tom Weber: webert1@michigan.gov: Tom is the temporary contact person and they will be filling this position permanently but when has not been determined.
  • Website – LEPC Section: We will start posting minutes and updates, etc. to our section of the new website.

Round Table:


Call to Close:

Wayne Polomcak motioned to close the LEPC Meeting at 8:37 a.m. and this was seconded by Sally Kempf.

Next Meeting:

Scheduled for Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

Walt Grech