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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC October 18, 2017, Minutes

Call to Order:

Bob Kirk called the LEPC Meeting to order at 9:11 a.m.


No introductions were made.

Review of Last Meeting Minutes:

The group acknowledged they had reviewed the minutes. Richard Freestone moved to approve the minutes from September 20, 2017 and this was supported by Gary Brown. All were in favor.

Old Business:

·     Contract for Kyle Mead – Farm Sarah Title Title 3 Sites: This is going slow as the farmers are still wrapping up their year, but Kyle has reached out to many.

·     Updating LEPC Plans Continues: Still working on these, Allegan County provided a template we really like, and we will use this to go forward.

·     BASF - Meeting Scheduled November 7th: When we look at our top 10 threats to the county, we need to look at BASF. Some of the products they carry, one being the aluminum powder they found out recently is an issue which somewhat spurred a meeting with them.

·     DOLE Plant - Decatur - Meeting with Berrien County HazMat: This is the yearly meeting and we look at the anhydrous and they walk us through.

·     Albemarle - South Haven - Updates: They have some big expansion plans coming up that would bring in more employment.

New Business:

·     Crop Production Services Meeting - Meeting with Berrien HazMat Team: This is in Decatur. Berrien County will take a tour of this facility.

·     Palisades Plant: 
Status: Will be staying up and running until 2022 until the contract runs out with Consumer’s Energy. 
Upcoming Drill (Relocation, Re-Entry, Return): We do have one coming up and then one coming up in 2020 and then another in 2022 which will be dependent on their closing status.

·     Paw Paw Earthen Dam - Briggs Pond - Breech: The dam did go, but this was rated high on our hazardous mitigation plan. The lake had been drawn down 42” prior to the rain, otherwise this would have been an entirely different outcome. Now the concern is the contaminated sediment traveling down the river. National Weather Service was great to work with during this incident.

Round Table:

Bob Kirk: Wayne is at MacTac Training at the Fair Grounds. Train the training tactical training for the region. There are 20+ people out there going through it.

Kyle Mead: Human Trafficking Training tonight in Covert. Working with Bob on AG Awareness on March 22; with a group who targets farmers, first responders and kids on the farm. This will be about things like PTO entanglements, silo explosions, etc.

Sally Kempf: Interested in meeting with Bob and learning more about doing an active shooter presentation rather than her normal table tops. Bronson Downtown is having an active shooter drill on November 20th.

Call to Close:

Richard Freestone motioned to close the LEPC Meeting at 9:33 a.m. and this was seconded by Robert Kirk.

Next Meeting:

Scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

Walt Grech