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LEPC Meeting VBC EOC Sept 2017, Minutes

Call to Order:

Bob Kirk called the LEPC Meeting to order at 8:34 a.m. This was preceded by Bob reading an email from Red Cross representative John Lohrstorfer who was unable to attend this meeting as he is assisting on-site with hurricane relief in Texas. This email is attached.


No introductions were made.

Review of Last Meeting Minutes:

The group acknowledged they had reviewed the minutes. Dick Godfrey moved to approve the minutes from August 16, 2017 and this was supported by Mike Anchor. All were in favor.

Old Business:

  • Crop Production Services Meeting (Sarah Title 2):  Had meeting and were given a tour. They are talking about doing some drills and having us involved with that.
  • Contract for Kyle Mead – Farm Sarah Title Title 3 Sites:  This contract was approved by the board and was signed by Dick Godfrey and Kyle Mead at this meeting to make it official.
  • Updating LEPC Plans Continues:  We are still working to get these updated.
  • BASF:  We are still working on trying to get a date to meet that works with both schedules.

New Business:

  • DOLE Packaging:  Will be sitting down with them and making sure they are still on track with their plans. They are very big on safety. We do this with them every year.
  • Website - LEPC Section / Minutes Posted:  Our section is up and running. We posted last month’s minutes per the by-laws.
  • Subpoena for Reports for Oil Pipeline Leak in Geneva Township:  Deb Hall at admin received a FOIA request for this information based on a law suit.
  • Coca Cola Fire Drill and Future Drill Involvement:  Bob attended a fire drill at Coca Cola and was impressed with their evacuation procedure. They want to include us in some upcoming Hazmat and active shooter drills.
  • Albemarle - Luncheon:  This is letting everyone know what is going on at the plant.
  • MEDQ Tier 2 Reporting Webinar:  There are some changes coming up that Wayne is going to sit in on.

Round Table:


Call to Close:

Wayne Polomcak motioned to close the LEPC Meeting at 8:40 a.m. and this was seconded by Jennifer Zordan.

Next Meeting:

Scheduled for Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

Walt Grech